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Last Updated :
September 21, 2008

Dan Marino Quotes

Quotes from Quarterbacks

"Of course, Miami quarterback Dan Marino is the best quarterback I have ever seen on film. I've never seen anybody play that well in the pocket. So this offense is dangerous."
Ron Jaworski, Friday September 10, 1999

"Dan Marino is the King of Quarterbacks "
Phil Simms during an ESPN game analysis, date not recorded

"Saying Dan Marino can't scramble is like saying Mozart couldn't sing. "
Phil Simms, during a 1999 CBS pre-game analysis

"You have to look at Dan Marino as being up there, with his numbers and what he has done. Unfortunately, he never has had a good enough team to go all the way. "
John Elway on Dan Marino being one of his favorite quarterbacks, along with Hall of Famers John Unitas and Roger Staubach, prior to Elway's second Super Bowl win

Quotes from Non Quarterbacks

"All I can tell you is the guy has thrown for 60,000 yards, so he must have been challenged a hell of a lot. "
Bill Parcells after being asked if he thinks Marino plays better whenhe's challenged

"I don't know of any better quarterback than Dan (Marino). "
Pittsburgh coach Foge Fazio

Phil Simms , on "The Sporting News' Top 100 NFL Players":
"The first thing that jumps out on TSN's list of Football's 100 Greatest Players is Dan Marino ranked No. 27. I thought he would be much higher.
I'm not a big statistics guy because so much is married to whom you play, when and where. But his statistics, as well as his physical abilities, are hard to ignore -- they're beyond amazing. There are so many criteria that go into the making of a quarterback, but it all starts with the physical talent. And the statistics he has put up are . . . well, they're hilarious, they're so absurd, they're funny.
A quarterback such as Joe Montana was so different from John Elway or Dan Marino. I think Montana was the start of a new trend in quarterbacks, a new way of playing football. Montana was part of that with Bill Walsh, learning to play quarterback in a different way. Learning to play by throwing the ball to the running back more. Throwing behind the line of scrimmage. Throwing short. The first of a kind, in a way. And any time you're first, it catches everybody's attention, and everybody else is compared to him.
Elway and Marino are completely different quarterbacks. It wasn't about the system with them. It was their physical ability to throw the ball like nobody else could. There are so many great competitors in professional sports, so I don't buy that's what makes them stand out. What separates Elway and Marino is the physical part. I don't care how smart you are or how much heart you have, you can't overcome the physical part of it.
That's like saying, "I trained more and worked harder and wanted it more than Michael Johnson, but I still couldn't outrun him." It's that way with quarterbacks. You can do all you want and you can try and want and have heart and intensity and it can be life or death, but if you can't throw the ball well enough, you can't be great.
I cringe when I hear people say Marino is successful because of his quick release. The two things that have done it for Dan are his pure physical skill of throwing the ball and his awareness -- the sense God gave him to be a natural athlete. He can feel people around him without looking at them. And he has wonderful feet -- not so much now as during his prime -- but he has tremendous mobility without being fast. Marino might not have been able to scramble like Elway, but he moved around in the pocket and eventually accomplished the same result -- a big play.
Dan Marino has thrown for 60,000 yards, but it's not because of his quick release. That's just not enough. I love when I hear about Marino, "Well, he can't scramble." That's like saying Deion Sanders can't tackle. Who cares? "

Last Updated : September 21, 2008