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Last Updated :
September 21, 2008

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Ronald Reagan:
Setting Things Straight

I always thought of leadership as a natural quality or characteristic that is based on charisma and the unique ability to inspire people to heights and accomplishments they otherwise would not attain. This explains the phenomenon of the "reluctant" leader. Many people inspire to leadership buy fail to achieve it because it is not something one can learn. You either are a leader or you are not. I was asked to put this into a political context and would do so thusly: Liberalism claims to have leaders; black leaders, minority leaders, etc., but these people are not leaders at all. They advocate the status quo of dependence and the subordination of individualism to the group at large. There is no leadership, no inspiration or motivation to individual greatness, but rather a continuum of wallowing in the rut of blame. Conservatism, however, sponsors and promotes leadership by championing and promoting individualism, from which leadership truly descends. Reagan, vilified by so many, was a leader precisely because of his ability, based on the strength of his personality, to make people feel good about themselves and their country, which motivated them to seek accomplishment and achievement beyond that which they felt themselves capable of. Voila! Leadership . . . which was anathema to liberals. How ‘bout that?

RUSH Limbaugh on Leadership
From the Book "The Way Things Ought To Be"

Last Updated : September 21, 2008