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Last Updated :
September 21, 2008

Dream Theater In Columbia House Magazine

Virtuosity is nothing to be embarrassed by. Even though the rise of grunge and alternative put the spotlight back on feeling and attitude, nothing can beat an instrument well-played. In the ´70's bands like Yes and Rush funneled furious chops into a powerful vision that still stands up today. Dream Theater carries that torch, making epic, progressive metal with more hooks than a coatroom and some of the most impressive physical dexterity you´ll ever hear.

This is a band that knows how to be surgically accurate yet rock like a hurricane. James LaBrie´s vocals find a middle ground between the growl of current heroes like Alice In Chains´ Layne Staley and the melodic punch of Steve Perry of Journey. And John Petrucci is one of the few guitarists able to deliver big, heavy riffs and spidery, complicated solos in equal measures. If You´re an aspiring player, he´ll keep you up at night wondering "How´d he do that?"

Dream Theater´s latest masterwork, "Falling Into Infinity", continues in the experimental vein of their earlier releases, marrying pop impact - check out "You Not Me" - to mammoth, multi-part arrangements that hold the attention and demand repeat listening. Producer Kevin Shirley (Silverchair, Aerosmith) has added some sonic heft without diluting the Dream Theater script - make it big, loud and perfect.

Despite all you´ve read and heard, large-scale rock and roll is far from dead. You´ll find it living, breathing and spitting fire inside a darkened Dream Theater.



Dream Theater - Under A Cyber Moon

Last Updated : September 21, 2008